Neumate is a pioneering online dating site that was built from the ground up to redefine your expectation of what a good online dating company should be. The innovative features we have developed, such as the Neumate Token, and our commitment to member privacy set us apart from any other online dating site you have tried or heard about. Throw in the advantage of local communities with only active singles in a completely ad-free environment and it is easy to see how efficient and pleasant your online dating experience can really be.

The Neumate Token

The Token is a flexible payment option that can simply be thought of as a 1-day subscription. When you are ready to go premium, just "drop in" a Token and you'll be instantly granted 24 hours of premium access. The Token is so flexible, in fact, that it can be gifted between members - with or without a message. When they receive the shiny Neumate Token you have sent their way, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that they will be able to login, activate a Token and use all of Neumate's premium features for 24 hours. That includes contacting you back without jumping through the billing hoops that you may be familiar with from some of those other dating sites.

We believe one of our members said it best, "You have turned frustration into flattery!"

The Bottom Line

On Neumate, you will be in a community of only local singles, all of whom are active and can be gifted a Neumate Token. The flexibility and efficiency that the Token offers completely shifts the dynamics of online dating. As a result, Neumate is the only for-pay dating site in the world with a compelling reason for all singles to be a member. Even with a completely free account and profile, you can always be gifted a Token!