How does Neumate compare to one of the biggest online dating sites in the world? Neumate
Dating Pace
Take the 30, 90, or 180 Day Challenge.

Great for cutting carbs - not so great for your love life. With subscription plans available for 1, 3, and 6 months, Match daters may feel like they're in a race to find that special someone before the clock runs out and they need to re-subscribe.

Drop in When You're Ready to Try Something Neu.

Neumate has a monthly subscription plan for those who want one, but the Neumate Token offers a welcome alternative. Buy a package of Tokens for as little as $5. A $1 Token = 1 Day of Premium Access. Use them whenever you want - date on your time.

Communication Style
The Unsolved Mystery.

Will the cutie with the intriguing profile be able to respond to you? Not unless that person is subscribed at the same time you are. Match sells delivery notifications to help you "solve the mystery," at the same time that their subscription-only model prevents you from connecting.

Frustration Turned to Flattery.

Those fancy Neumate Tokens come in handy for other things. Send a Token along with your message, and you'll know that person can read it and reply - he or she may even be flattered by your thoughtful gesture. A Token is a great ice-breaker, like buying someone a drink in a bar.

Community Design
Sponsor Your Own Love Life.

With plenty of add-ons like "First Impressions" and "Top Spot" that allow users to buy their way into top search results and automated mailings, Match doesn't seem to have gotten the message that money can't buy you love.

Let Your True Self Shine.

Neumate thinks that the real you is enough. Search results always reflect actual user preferences, not sponsored profiles, so you can put yourself out there and feel confident that you're on a level playing field.

Geographic Focus

Sure, you can limit your searches to local members if you're not interested in long-distance dating, but you can't guarantee that everyone else will do the same. Match's global organization allows anyone to contact you, regardless of location.


Neumate's local communities are independent from one another, so you'll only interact with local members. No one from outside your community can contact you because Neumate was created as a venue for local singles wanting to meet someone in their area.

Privacy Considerations
Pressure to Pry.

Faced with uncertainty and time pressure, many users opt to buy the private information that Match sells about your browsing habits. When you glance at someone's profile, that person may soon be prompted to pay to find out who you are.

A Safe Social Space.

You should be able to check someone out without setting off an alert -- just like in the real world. Neumate respects your privacy, creating a safe social space where you can browse profiles and contact the people you want to -- and no one else.

User Experience
As Seen on

Despite its substantial subscription costs, the Match site features ads of all shapes and sizes. The result is a layout designed for ad impressions, not for you.

Clutter-Free Browsing

Neumate keeps its site ad-free so that online daters can focus on what's really important: meeting local singles. Our interface was designed from the ground up, with our members in mind.