A local and relaxed social space to make genuine connections, find dates and develop meaningful relationships.

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  • Local Communities

    Our communities are independent and members select their city or area as they join. This is not GPS, we do not track you. Our local approach just allows you to focus on interacting with singles who are near you.

  • Multi-Platform Messaging

    Neumate Messenger works seamlessly on all of your devices including smartphones, tablets and PCs, giving you quick and easy access to your ongoing conversations and connections.

  • No-Pressure Environment

    Love cannot be rushed. While "love at first sight" occasionally happens, attraction usually takes time to develop and grow. Neumate works on your timeline and schedule.

  • Interest-Based Groups

    Neumate Groups is a place for good banter and fun chats based on common interests. Jump into topics that interest you and meet others in a whole new way.

  • Upgraded Experience

    We are proud to feature no ads, swipes, urgency, upsells, pep talks or love guarantees. Being ad-free also means we don't sell or distribute your private information.

  • Private Browsing

    Looking at someone online, just like in the real world, doesn't mean you like them. Browse freely, knowing that your privacy is respected and that we never try to force the action.

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