Where and how you meet matters

Your Pace

Neumate has standard subscription plans and also offers a unique option that we call the Neumate Token. Each Token provides 24 hours of premium access on demand.

Flexible Tokens

Tokens can be gifted to another member which serves as a great ice-breaker and guarantees that your message can be read by your recipient and that they can reply.

Local Singles

Our local communities are completely independent from one another, so you will only interact with singles from your area.

Group Chat

Neumate Groups empowers local social interaction beyond just profile-to-profile communication. It opens up new dimensions for attraction and friendships to develop.

Privacy & Equality

Browsing history and profiles that you view is private and not for sale. Everyone has equal access to all features and there are no profile upgrades or boosts. You have complete control of your visibility at all times.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Our communities are designed for every member to comfortably utilize Neumate on their terms while in a relaxed, ad-free, no-swiping, no-pressure environment.