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We believe the courting process should not be manipulated or controlled by computer algorithms

"The fundamentals behind every feature and function are that singles are the experts on who they want to date, and all they need is a dating site that will get out of their way..." --

Neumate's social space and user experience mimic real world social dynamics accurately
No other online dating site or swipe dating app can say the same

A Discussion with Stacey Bourland, Ph.D.
Chief Psychology Officer

Why do we need love?

Humans have a need for meaning in life. The two sources of meaning are work - productive activity that makes a contribution to society - and love. Romantic love not only provides meaning directly, but it also creates opportunities for other loving and meaningful relationships, e.g., parenting children.

Why does Neumate not allow swipes?

Adding a swipe option to our user experience would be easy, but we choose not to. Neumate's user experience mimics real world social dynamics. You cannot swipe people away in the real world and so too, you cannot swipe people away on Neumate.

What makes Groups so unique?

Groups introduces a community element to meeting people. Have you ever been in a group setting and liked what someone else had to say about topics that interest you? This is a wonderful way for attraction to be found and formed. Our Groups operate nothing like a common social media wall. You can read all about them here in our support section.

Why did you join Neumate as their CPO?

I joined because I assess that the user experience Neumate offers is healthy and natural. We do not alter or pressure or dictate the rules of the courting process. We offer an excellent social space that treats everyone equally at all times.

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