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Neumate is here for singles to find love. Our site is designed to work on everyone's timelines and schedules without creating any sense of urgency. We believe a slower, more thoughtful approach to dating is best for those seeking meaningful connections and loving relationships.

Our site operates differently from all other providers, and the entire user experience on Neumate is one-of-a-kind. While we have many standard features including robust profiles, intelligent search, instant messaging, video chat, and more, there are four very specific differences that we have chosen to highlight. We believe that these core differences are better for the individual dater and for our communities as a whole.

Each Neumate community is stand-alone and local

Ultimately, our members want to meet someone for an intimate relationship. That requires geographic desirability. Local also creates an underlying sense of community throughout the entire user experience and is a fundamental element to our Groups.

Neumate Groups are like nothing else

Have you ever been in a group setting and liked what someone else had to say about a topic that interested you? Our Groups add a multi-person conversation dynamic to socializing and meeting people. This is a wonderful way for attraction to be found and formed and also a great forum for new friendships to be made. This holds especially true when everyone you are chatting with is local. You can read all about them here.

Unparalleled user experience

At Neumate, every member has the exact same access to all of our features at all times. We do not create any rules for dating. Our privacy options are thorough and allow each member to control their visibility and user experience to their liking. We do not serve ads, we do not have boosts, we do not blur faces, and we do not have any upsells. We offer a no-gimmick user experience.

The Neumate Token

We do have the Token though! A Token works for any member, on demand, to provide 24-hours of premium access like a one-day subscription. The flexibility of our Token doesn't end there; our members can also gift a Token to other members who interest them. We believe that gifting a Neumate Token, like buying someone a drink at a bar, is the smoothest online dating icebreaker and a very kind and thoughtful approach. You can read all about our Tokens here.

Neumate in the News

Neumate in the News

Neumate is headquartered in Houston, Texas. Our website is operating in all major metropolitan areas in the USA. Global expansion is slated to start in 2020.

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